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Beneficial to feed 10 ml daily & increase dosage in times of stress caused by weather or  environmental factors. A great idea to feed when hauling & during weather changes when horses typically don' t drink or eat as they should. 

This product should be kept on hand by all equine enthusiasts for those times when a horse is showing signs of colic, dehydration or other distress symptoms.

** MOST effective of our products to encourage water consumption.

Aloe Vera-

Protects stomach lining, anti-ulcer properties, anti-oxidant   activities, Regulates gastric acid production



Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, promotes bacteria in stomach balance, eases intestinal spasms, soothes the airways and relaxes
bronchial spasms, Reduces throat soreness.


 Source of wheat protein that supports digestive system by helping break down large particles



Basic electrolyte mix that improves water consumption

Wheat germ Meal-

Source of Vitamin E and energy


Colloidal Silver-

Colloidal Silver strengthens the immune and supports T-cells in fighting foreign  organisms.  Colloidal Silver acts as a catalyst to decompose foreign enzymes and free radical bacteria.  Colloidal Silver acts as a secondary immune system and is toxic to protozoa and parasites in the egg stage.  Colloidal Silver has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


            Additional Colloidal Silver Benefits:

  • Promotes healing of tissue             Topical wound agent                     BYU study promotes benefits to EPM treatment

  • Kills bacteria growth                   Kills pathogenic yeast              Fights intestinal bacteria                      Virus preventative

  • Fights sinus infections                              Treats eye infections                 Promotes healthy skin                           Promotes healthy lungs

  • Fights pneumonia

Flax Seed Oil-

Great nutritional benefit as a natural source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  It helps the Omega 3:6 imbalance associated with reduced pasture turnout and achieves the desired ratio of fatty acids in the diet to maintain balance and support horse health.

Flax Seed Oil is a great source of fat and aids in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and other fat soluble nutrients (turmeric).  Also a great source of protein that boost the amino acid pool that helps build and repair body tissue.   Safe for insulin resistant horses and is high in water soluble fibers which can create a soothing gel inside the digestive tract. 

 Additional Flax Seed Oil EFA Benefits (essential fatty acids)

  • Immune Function Booster                                   Joint and Ligament Integrity

  • Helps with seasonal allergies                                                     Vascular Health

  • Respiratory wellness                        Digestive and gastrointestinal health

  • Hair and hoof benefits              Source of energy               Tying up prevention

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 Helps keep your equine partner healthy &

happy which in return will help them perform better!

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